"Easy was inspired by a sample I had selected 8 years ago and never made anything with. The voice is from a documentary about how rythmes and music shape the life of the people of Baro, Guinea."

"NITE mostly comes from a desire to make a track that you would play in a taxi on your way back home from a night in town."

"EZEK was made around a Portuguese dubbed version of Pulp Fiction. A simple bow to the movie, and the choice of language refers to my origins. I wanted to make more of a bright dance track this time but still had to include strong percussive elements."

"With HAMR, I wanted a more simple, more abrupt and less convoluted meaning. A feeling of high, a sort of anthem to be played in clubs."

"RAYS was made during very sunny days, sun shining through the windows and just breezes of air passing through the cracks. For more sunny days, parties and after-parties."

"JANE is the product of my living in London - a kind of sad melody, paired with a short sample of Jane Birkin speaking in French and a heavy UK beat. Nostalgia, the city and its warmth."

"RING is all about a run on the beach and a jump in the sea. After a few sombre songs, I needed some light - the track can be divided in three parts that build up to a shinier track in the end."

"7:20 was my first collaboration and completely inspired by the will to make a song with Lola. I had written a vibraphone part 7 years ago and I always wanted to make something out of it but it somehow only saw the light when it had to be written for a singer."

"For GURL, I didn’t care so much about the structure as long as the synth solo parts were finding their place. Everything is built around them. I needed a repetitive base sound and drum patterns that kept on adding, that kept on making the track move forward."

"After an unsuccessful recording session in a studio, I ended up having only 3 days left to make BREK while using a new software. The use of the guitar “bend” to make up the bird sounds kind of unlocked the rest of the creative process."

"ANTE is the track I want you to listen to at home, ideally in front of a fire place, with a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of Blanton’s Gold."

"PTSL is the best way I could end 2020. After the darkness, I seek for the light. The importance of looking out for the good things when you’re drowning and desperate."


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